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ABOUT Tour de Kolkata

Tour de Kolkata is a tourist friendly tour company and an ideal for Indian & international tourist who wants to explore heritage, history and culture of Kolkata. Kolkata is the city where India and England collide. Join us for the perfect introduction to India’s fascinating city “Kolkata”, on this fun and informative tour through British colonial town & old Calcutta town. Kolkata is perhaps the most important cultural centre of India. The city is the birthplace of modern Indian literary and artistic thought and of Indian nationalism, and its citizens have made great efforts to preserve Indian culture and civilization. There are so many unique attractions, world-famous museums and historic monuments to see in Kolkata—get started with us! Your expert guide will tell you lots of interesting facts and anecdotes about the food, people, culture and architecture along the way. Tour de Kolkata offer Kolkata Full Day / Half Day tour, Private tours, Walking tour, Food walk tour and Sunderban Jungle tour. We organize Tour Packages all over India.Tour De Kolkata has always experienced a growth experience since its inception. We are now among the priority choices when people think about travelling away from home.

The various tour operators associated with us has vivid knowledge about the colorful and vibrant states of India and the remarkable tourist spots. Be it the unaccessible desert in Rajasthan or the snowy mountains  of Darjeeling – distinguished planning and realistic programming of tour operation have made every operation smooth and easy-going.

Our company is associated with various state tourism sectors. We are also associated with leading hotels that comprise all sorts of accommodations. Accommodations like economy, budget, deluxe and star rated accommodation are provided to our esteemed clients. An appropriate standard of necessary amenities, ideal locations and proper ambience are the features that are offered by these hotels to our customers.

The cost is also reasonable and fit for every pocket. Affordability is a thing that has helped us to earn popularity. We provide travelling opportunity for an individual, people in group and all types of corporate clients.

Customers are advised to inform us in advance about the location and duration. We have engaged tour planning team who could provide with an ideal plan for comfortable tour. 

Statement of Mission


Our fundamental mission is to provide best possible services to our clients in terms of quality and commitment. Our missions have the following features:

  • Quality of service: Our team has made detailed research in finding best ways to add value for all the services provided by us. We are committed to ensure that each segment of the tour cost is appropriately covered. Provisions are made to encounter all unforeseen incidents. Scopes have been created to assure that the services are rendered through appropriate levels of strengths. These provisions are sure to impart a feeling in the minds of our guests that every penny spent has been properly adjusted.
  • Efficiency: We can disclose safely that every tourist spot and other adventurous areas in our country stays at our fingertips. We have engaged team of tour operators for each area that we cover. These operators have expertise in conducting domestic tour. So, you are rest assured about proper and workable tour plan.
  • Accountability: All of our staff is accountable for their individual action. Our responsibility includes rendering exceptional service. All the services are required to be catered adequately as per the initial contract made with the customers. This responsibility continues till the guests are back safely to their homes.
  • Feedback: We rely highly on the comprehensive feedback that our guests furnish at the end of each tour. This is required to ensure that we could efficiently convey their grievances and compliments. This is again needed to enable us to continue our services with an improved stature.
  • Fun and Adventure: When journey to destination takes ample time, boredom of guests is eliminated by applying this method. Our tour guides are amply trained to ensure that each of the guests can enjoy the tour. Various games, small competition etc., is arranged during long trip. Participation in those games enable the contestants make full fun while the time is also elapsed.
  • Integrity and Honesty: We are proud to disclose that we are treated as a legitimate tour operator who could exhibit extreme professional attitude in all the tours. Now we are among the top rated tour companies in Kolkata. Long and productive history has been beneficial in putting our strides ahead.


We have targeted to become a no. 1 travel and tour operator of the country. We have planned to strengthen our team of tour operators in the national level. Customer service of our company is already praised; we have target to make it even stronger.